Italian Kitchen Décor Tips for your Kitchen

One often forgotten design style is the beautiful Tuscan or trattoria design. This cozy, warm style features lots of wood, stone, and other traditional or natural materials. Italian decor is perfect for the kitchen, where families gather to spend time together and enjoy a nice home-cooked meal. Italian trattoria style is often pushed to the side in favor of more modern designs, but recreating this romantic style in your home can be easy!

Italian Style Flooring

Natural travertine tiles are ideal for a true Italian floor and come in beautiful earth tones. Other ideas for flooring include stone, granite, terra cotta, or various flat stones, but a light hardwood can also work with the theme, especially with exposed knots. These trends are growing in popularity all over the U.S. as reported by Scottsdale, Arizona installation contracting company G&S Flooring.

These tiles make great contrast or accent pieces for countertops or backsplashes – just steer clear from outdated, industrial linoleum. Certain linoleum can work with the color theme but might take away from that nostalgic, old-world theme.

terracotta tiles

Italian Style Walls and Backsplash

True Italian buildings are often hundreds of years old, so the more exposed stonework, the better! These can be hard to install in your own home, but work perfectly with the natural, cozy design of trattoria. Shy away from beige and cream colors for the walls, but warm, natural colors are crucial to tie this look together.

Venetian plaster can be used to add textures that can then be painted earth-themed colors such as gold or pale greens. As we mentioned earlier, travertine-style tiles will make the perfect backsplash, but if you’re feeling fancy, tile murals that depict Italian themes including wine-making, family, and more are popular backsplash options. Countertops can be made from the same types of materials as flooring and backsplashes.

Venetian plaster

Italian Furniture Decor

Tuscan-style furniture is often heavy and wooden, so if you’re into feng shui and minimalism, this might not be the right style for you. The dark furniture is beautiful but can be bulky and lend something of an overbearing air to the room, so it’s imperative that you keep the rest of the room as bright as you can by opting for lighter walls and paler countertops. Mixing aged wood with industrial-style metals such as wrought iron will create an authentic, old-world feeling.

Tuscan style furniture

Cabinets and Shelving

If you think of the typical Italian foodie family, you’ll know that cabinets are imperative for storage of food, cutlery, and other kitchen essentials. It’s up to you whether you want to match the cabinet tone to that of the furniture or opt for a more contrasting look. Cabinets are typically made of natural wood, but experimenting with different paint colors can be fun.


Italian Style Decorations

Italian-inspired decorations should include clay pottery and ceramic dishes. Feel free to keep some reserved for decoration and some for eating! Serving platters and pitchers can work as a type of functional decoration, tying the theme together while still being useful.Italian inspired decorations Using hand-painted vases or clay pots to display flowers is a beautiful way to incorporate some of your own personal taste into the Tuscan theme. Wrought-iron chandeliers and brassy light fixtures will contribute to that old-world feel as well.…